The following are the profitable businesses that can be done at your farmland.

Sheep Farming

Sheep with its multi-facet utility for wool, meat, milk, skins and manure, form an important component of economy & it’s a great ROI. It provides a dependable source of income through breeding, sale of wool and animals.

The advantages of sheep farming are:

  • Sheep do not need expensive buildings to house them and on the other hand require less labour than other kinds of livestock.
  • The foundation stocks are relatively cheap and the flock can be multiplied rapidly.
  • Sheep are economical converter of grass into meat and wool.
  • Sheep will eat varied kinds of plants compared to other kind of livestock. This makes them excellent weed destroyer.
  • The structure of their lips helps them to clean grains lost at harvest time and thus convert waste feed into profitable products.
  • Mutton is one kind of meat towards, which there is no prejudice by any community in India and further development of superior breeds for mutton production will have a great scope in the developing economy of India.

Dairy Farming

The total milk production in the country for the year 2008-09 was estimated at 108.5 million metric tonnes and the demand is expected to be 180 million tonnes by 2020. To achieve this demand annual growth rate in milk production has to be increased from the present 2.5 % to 5%. Thus, there is a tremendous scope/potential for increasing the milk production through profitable dairy farming.

  • Milk and milk produce attracts huge demand in recent days
  • Complete automation system for milk rearing is available
  • Huge margin in diary products ranging upto 50%
  • Dairying is an important source of subsidiary income labourers.
  • The manure from animals provides a good source of organic matter for improving soil fertility & crop yields.
  • The gobar gas from the dung is used as fuel for domestic.
  • The surplus fodder and agricultural by-products are gainfully utilized for feeding the animals.
  • Dairy also provides employment throughout the year.


Indian agriculture has an extensive background which goes back to 10000 years. Our forefathers based their living on farming. Organic Farming was practiced in India since thousands of years. The great Indian civilization thrived on organic farming and was one of the most prosperous countries in the world, till the British ruled it. In traditional India, the entire agriculture was practiced using organic techniques, where the fertilizers, pesticides etc., were obtained from plants and animal products.

Both Consumer and Farmers are now gradually shifting back to organic farming in India. It is believed by many that organic farming is healthier. Consumers are willing to pay higher premium for the same. Many farmers in India are shifting to organic farming due to the domestic and international demand for organic food.

It’s now hep to do farming.

Once you become farmland owner, you can do your own organic farming in your spare time or you could use the local expertise; who will be doing the farming for you in your land and share the proceeds. It would fetch you very good ROI.

In 2007, agriculture and other associated industries such as lumbering and forestry represented around 16.6% of the Gross Domestic Product of the country. In addition, the sector recruited about 52% of the entire manpower.

Farm House Rental Scheme

Once the farm house is constructed Woodland Ventures may even manage your house and give to anyone on a rental basis whenever you are not using it. This way you will get revenue from your Farm house throughout the year. The minimum rent for a couple + 2 small kids for a night is not less than 5000 rupees (100 USD).