Woodland Ventures is a dynamic real estate venture with a vision to liberate its visitors and residents with the perpetual healing power of Mother Nature hence focusing on farm lands and farm houses. Established by a team of passionate and nature loving Professionals, Our Architects, Visionaries & Support Staff have wrought a nature friendly community for you with a provision to design a thoroughly tailor made; sustainable, eco friendly home. A great way to escape from the busy city life full of traffic, tension and pollution Woodland Ventures offers an excellent opportunity to be a part of the group that is nature loving, friendliest and most easy going.


  • Gated Community
  • Cottage for every plot
  • Surrounded by Lake, nature and exotic birds
  • Great Neighbors
  • Futuristic Amenities
  • Eco-friendly Construction
  • Back-to-the-village touches
  • Well maintained Resort style atmosphere